I'm a publisher/ an affiliate. What are the benefits of Odyssey for me?


If you are an affiliate focusing on generating incremental sales to the advertisers you promote, Odyssey is really interesting for you. If you are an influencer, write blogs or create great content, there is a lot to gain from using Odyssey.

In the current market, advertisers usually attribute value to the last click in the customer journey, that are often coming from coupon and cashback sites. These last clicks can overrule the clicks that took place at an earlier stage in the customer journey. Odyssey, however, is largely in favor of affiliates that have incremental value for the advertisers. These are not exclusively blogs or influencers -surely daily deal websites, coupon- and cashback- websites can have incremental value too, but only when they are truly focusing on sending their customers to the website of the advertiser and not the other way around using their smart SEO skills.

As a publisher, you will be able to access your data via the publisher portal. After you’re logged in, you will see your statistics from all the advertisers you work for. This way, you can see how you perform and work towards higher commissions.