Source Detail Dashboard


When clicking the “I” you’ll get a Traffic Source Detail Dashboard, consisting of six components. The traffic source dashboard provides you with an overview of actionable insights, regarding this traffic source.

  1. Title bar. This shows you de title of the traffic source detail dashboard.
  2. Distribution (graph): The distribution of a traffic source along the entire customer journey is represented by a graph. The distribution graph shows the position of the traffic source. This graph is divided into ten “buckets”, represented by the vertical blocks. Here the left is the beginning and the right is the end.
  3. Other sources: This component shows the presence of other sources. As shown on the screenshot, when paid search is involved in the customer journey, 25.9% of the times, the traffic source organic search is also involved.
  4. KPI’s: This component shows you data regarding the distribution in text.
  5. Revenue: Shows the KPIs regarding the revenue.
  6. Incrementality. This shows the incrementality index in percentages and the target ROAS.