What do the numbers on the Y-axis in the Odyssey tool stand for?


Have a look at the blue bar graph, it has 10 bars and 3 digits on the Y-axis (vertical left side).

The 10 bars represent the position of the traffic source within the customer journey. Each bar stands for 10% of the touchpoints of the source of all customer journeys: the first bar represents the first 10%, the second bar represents the second 10%, etcetera.

The corresponding digits on the Y-axis indicate the number of touchpoints that took place in the highest and lowest bars in the graph. Every Y-axis starts with the bottom number zero, followed by the amount of the lowest bar in the middle and finally the highest bar on top.

For example, if the eighth bar has the lowest amount of 2000 touchpoints and the first bar has the highest amount of touchpoints of 5000, the Y-axis will show the consecutive digits of 0, 2000 and 5000.

These digits give you insights about your traffic sources’ performance. Your business, industry and targets determine what positions contribute the highest amount of incremental value.