What is the difference between Odyssey and other attribution software (including Google)?


When we created Odyssey, we thought it was very important not to favor computers over the power of the human brain. Most companies and players in the market tend to rely more and more on computers, machines and algorithms. We believe that the human brain is often overlooked, especially when it comes to dealing with complex concepts like customer journeys.

For instance, please try to imagine how many touchpoints are involved when you buy a pair of shoes. Besides digital touchpoints, think about all of the other factors that might influence your decision, like the weather, your mood, perhaps a friend’s recommendation or someone on the street you see wearing a great pair of shoes.

In the current situation, it’s not possible for a computer to take all of this into account and to optimize automatically for the right situation. That is why we don’t believe in a black box attribution model that tells you exactly where to put your money. Especially when you are assumed to put all of your trust into its algorithm without explaining why.

That’s the main difference between these attribution models and Odyssey. We focus on 3 KPI’s: customer journey length, density and position- KPI’s of which we are absolutely certain that they say something about the incrementality of your affiliates and your other traffic sources. And we think that if you use the human brain, you can get much better results than when you rely entirely on computers and incomplete information to optimize your campaigns.

We are convinced that you get better results when you get insights and focus on what you do know instead of what you don’t know.

This is illustrated by the following example: If you have an attribution model with 10 assumptions with an 80% accuracy rate, your final predictable value ends up being close to zero (80% x 80% x 80% etc…). That is why we don’t believe in automated optimization and machine learning for attribution models at the current state of the industry. Instead, we prefer the power of the human brain- which is incorporated into Odyssey.

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